Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool’s Been The Best Gig Of His Life

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has been many things: a guy with a pizza place, a man with a green ring, and, most famously, a Merc with a Mouth. Yeah, that Deadpool guy sure is popular, and probably wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without Reynolds’ trademark dryness and brevity of wit. All that fun the lil’ red devil exudes isn’t fake, however, as the man under the mask has exalted the role as the “greatest gig of my life” in a recent tweet, much to the surprise of almost nobody.

To celebrate, uh, “X-Men Day,” a thing Fox made up this year to celebrate 20 years of X-Men films (even though the first X-Film came out in 2000???), Ryan tweeted about his fondness for his favorite mercenary. I think everybody knows about his life-long desire to bring the character to life. That’s why he first jumped at the chance to play “Practice Deadpool” in everyone’s least favorite X-Movie, 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

His reign as the Merc with a Mouth won’t be over anytime soon, either, as Reynolds is expected to be the only casting carryover as our Disney overlords absorb Fox and their properties. I mean, Deadpool literally made the House of Mouse’s website banner the day the buyout was official. Walt & Company are in the R-rated mercenary business, at least for the time being. This Dark Phoneix business, though? Maybe not so much.

After making fun of his maligned appearance in Origins in his last sequel, where can this crazy cancer-ridden murderer go in the future? Only time will tell. Or time travel will tell, since that seems to be a super popular plot device right now. It always seem better not to question it. But considering how energetic Reynolds seems to be about Deadpool and his future in the MCU, including possible Avengers appearances, the Merc’s future will be bright indeed.