Watch Ryan Reynolds Narrowly Escape Being Crushed As Stage Barrier Collapses


Conventions are an exciting time for comic aficionados and fans of general “geek culture.” But like any large event with a lot of people involved, there’s always that element of danger. Speaking of which, as you can see in a video posted to Twitter recently, Ryan Reynolds was attending the Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo, Brazil this weekend when he came pretty close to being crushed.

The video below shows the actor approaching screaming fans and as he gets closer, the barricade that the crowd’s standing behind begins to topple, almost landing on the Deadpool star and crushing him in the process. Luckily, Reynolds (perhaps channelling his inner superhero instincts) was able to leap out of the way in time.

From what we understand, the actor is perfectly fine and no one was hurt, but you can see Reynolds’ close call for yourself down below:

Even despite almost being crushed, Ryan was quite the gentleman here, as he assisted the ushers in putting the barricade upright again whilst also making sure the fans weren’t harmed.

For those unaware, CCXP is an annual comic convention hosted in Brazil every year and has been going on since 2014. Reynolds was there this year as a guest alongside director J.J. Abrams, comic legend Frank Miller, producer Kevin Feige and many more. Though he’s got a few big projects on the horizon, he was at the event promoting his upcoming movie Free Man, in which he plays Guy, a mild-mannered bank teller who realizes that he’s actually an NPC inside a video game. You can look for it to hit theaters on July 3rd, 2020.

Meanwhile, we’re still expecting Ryan Reynolds to announce Deadpool 3 any day now. With any luck, it’ll happen before the new year. Keep those fingers crossed.