Ryan Reynolds Gives His Honest Verdict On Thor: Ragnarok


If anyone’s an authority on superhero comedies, it’s Ryan Reynolds, whose Deadpool succeeded critically and commercially beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. But since November, the film’s had some competition for the funniest comic book movie out there. I’m talking of course about Thor: Ragnarokwhich was a candy floss light breath of fresh air in comparison to its self-serious, po-faced superhero competition (*cough* Justice League *cough*).

Now, we know precisely what Reynolds makes of the God of Thunder’s recent threequel, thanks to the following Tweet:

Late to the party on Thor: Ragnarok. I dislocated my face laughing. @TaikaWaititi is an international treasure. Protect his mind and body at all costs. @thorofficial

What more is there to say than that he’s absolutely right? The MCU is due for some difficult times when Infinity War arrives off on May 4th, so we might as well get our chuckles in while we can. In addition, it’s nice to see Reynolds being so gracious to the MCU, which Deadpool spent much of its runtime poking fun at.

Of course, after the Disney/Fox merger, the Merc with a Mouth is now under the auspices of the House of Mouse, so who knows, maybe a future MCU film could see Deadpool spending some quality time in the company of Thor? I think they’d be a great match, don’t you?

In the meantime, we’ll next be seeing Reynolds in Deadpool 2which right now looks like a pretty promising sequel. Josh Brolin is set to be a great straight man as the grim soldier from an apocalyptic future, together with much of the returning cast from the original. That said, a comedy sequel is always a tricky bet as you run the risk of simply repeating the same jokes again. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2., though watchable, fell into this exact trap.

Will the Merc’s second outing do the same? We’ll know for sure come June 1st, when the pic releases in what’s looking like the biggest summer for superheroes in years.