Watch: Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Bring Their Feud To Sam’s Club With New Promo

Ryan reynolds

There are a lot of fun rivalries between celebrities that are played for laughs, but few are as well known as the long-lasting feud between actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Ever since meeting and becoming friends years ago on the set of the 2009 comic book film X-Men Origins: Wolverine – in which Reynolds made his first appearance as antihero Deadpool and Jackman reprised his role as the titular mutant – the two jokesters have found that their friendship is considerably more fun when they’re giving each other guff.

The newest addition to the feud has now arrived in the form of an ad focusing on the fact that the pals’ individual brands will be featured at Sam’s Club. Reynolds’ Aviation Gin and Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee company will both have products on sale at the popular membership-only warehouse club, and you’ll be able to vote on which one will win starting November 10th.

In a quick commercial posted to social media, Reynolds and Jackman face off on opposite sides of the screen with their company’s logo displayed on the wall behind them. As they stare each other down with their arms crossed, the ad announces: “The Feud Is Coming To Sam’s Club.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the two have focused their rivalry on each other’s businesses. Hugh Jackman once starred in an ad for Aviation Gin wherein he knocked over a bottle of the drink and called his buddy a few choice words, and Ryan Reynolds poked a little bit of fun at Laughing Man in a tweet earlier this year. Thankfully, however, it’s always remained good natured and continues to provide plenty of entertainment to their fans. And in a year like 2020, we could all use the distraction.