Ryan Reynolds makes sure his kids don’t think he’s actually Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is a man of many hats. From father and husband to actor and jack of many trades — you’ve likely seen his face or heard his voice on ads for everything from Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin to a marketing venture he partners with and, of course, a slew of film and television credits. Reynolds is a man constantly on the move, continually doing work.

Balancing the line between work and being a parent can be challenging; many of us struggle with that, and we’re well outside of the realm of “fame.” When speaking to The Times, Reynolds shared that he makes sure to draw the line between himself and his characters regarding his children.

“When your dad is a superhero, kids can get expectations. Mine [James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2] know I’m famous but I make clear to them I’m not actually Deadpool or Pikachu. I want them to know when I fail. I think it’s important for them to realize so much of success is built on missteps. At bedtime, I sometimes tell them, “Daddy struck out today.”

In the same interview, Reynolds also spoke about anxiety and how he hopes that sharing his struggles will help people; maybe let them know they’re not alone or that their ‘hero’ goes through it too. As Reynolds talks about breaking the persona for his children, it’s also essential for his fans to note that he’s not always ‘on.’

Frequently, celebrities feel the stress to channel their characters for their fans and on top of working, preparing for future roles, and just living their lives when the cameras are off. Holland recently spoke about something similar, feeling the need to remember that for some people — he is Spider-Man. He is that hero. Reynolds could undeniably feel that same pressure — as many other ‘heroic’ celebrities have shared through the years.

While it’s a beautiful feeling to know that you’re inspiring and helping someone; it’s okay to need help, too.

You can see Reynolds in Red Notice on Netflix now.