Ryan Reynolds hopes talking about his mental health issues helps others

Ryan Reynolds‘ public-facing persona might be overtly positive and carefree, but that doesn’t mean — by any stretch of the imagination — that the A-list Hollywood actor doesn’t struggle with his mental health at times. Contrary to the ignorant belief that the rich and famous have no reason to ever be down, we’ve seen countless times in the past, often with tragic results, that fame, in particular, carries with it a great deal of stress.

For Reynolds, his stressors are more generalized, having revealed to The Times recently that he has a tendency to overexert himself in many areas of his personal and professional life. Speaking to the publication, he said:

“I’ve spoken out about my anxiety issues. I hope it helps people. I overthink, overwork, overworry. I overcommit sometimes too.

ryan reynolds

As for how he deals with each day, Reynolds says that on the rare occasions where he has time to himself, he wakes up at 4.45am “to meditate.” Between dad duties, work and general family life, Reynolds admits he’s in bed by 9.30pm every night, quipping, “Sorry, you’re not talking to a sexy 2.30am swinger here.”

Following his starring in Netflix’s Red Notice, which is now the streaming platform’s biggest original movie release ever, Ryan Reynolds‘ next projects include The Adam Project and Spirited.