Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About Lifelong Struggle With Mental Health


Ryan Reynolds might be one of the most in demand, popular and well liked movie stars in Hollywood, with a whole slate of upcoming projects that are almost guaranteed to set the box office alight or dominate the most-watched chart for their respective streaming service, but at the end of the day, he’s still human and like many people, he also struggles with mental health.

Taking to Twitter today, the actor shared a heartfelt message addressing Mental Health Awareness month, stating that he’s had a “lifelong” issue with anxiety and encouraging others who fall in the same camp by reminding them that they aren’t alone. And you can check out his full message below.

Given how charismatic and confident he seems to be in public, it may surprise a lot of people to learn that Reynolds suffers from anxiety. But it’s certainly nice to see him shedding a light on the issue and using his massive social media following to do some good and help out his followers who also might be struggling with something similar. Not to mention the attention that he’s bringing to the topic.

But then again, that’s also exactly the sort of thing that Ryan Reynolds would do, with the actor admired for his charm, positivity and good natured persona that’s seen him act charitable many times in the past. Something we’ll no doubt continue to see from him moving forward as well.

Speaking of which, the next few years look to be pretty busy for the A-lister, with a whole bunch of projects in various stages of development. But for now, he seems to be keeping the focus firmly on Mental Health Awareness month and helping out others.

Source: CinemaBlend

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