Ryan Reynolds Promises A “Crazy Reaction” If Deadpool Is Nominated For A Best Picture Oscar


This time last year, Tim Miller’s Deadpool had just begun its second week of general release in theaters, and if someone had told us back then that the first solo outing for the Merc with a Mouth would go on to become one of the most acclaimed superhero movies of all-time, we’d probably have called them crazy. However, that really does appear to be the case.

20th century Fox’s X-Men spinoff was always pretty popular among critics, but the movie has recently gone on to garner some unexpected awards attention, too. Following a couple of key nominations at the Golden Globes, Deadpool also picked up nods for Best Adapted Screenplay from the Writers Guild, and Best Picture from the Producers Guild. This is pretty much unheard of for a comic book movie – particularly an ultra-violent, R-rated anomaly like Deadpool – and as if that wasn’t enough, there really is a chance (albeit a slim one) that the film could land an Academy Award nom for Best Picture.

Star Ryan Reynolds discussed the movie’s Oscar chances while being interviewed for THR’s Award Chatter podcast, and the actor promised quite a celebration if the nomination does come through.

If it does end up in that category [Best Picture], I think that’s kind of a cool moment, for not just us, but for everybody — for the people that went to see the movie, the people that made the movie, the studio, even the Academy. I don’t think that any superhero film has ever really broken that glass ceiling, so it would be nice to see one like Deadpool do it. And I can certainly promise one f—ing crazy reaction video online. In the Deadpool suit. Guaranteed.

Again, that nomination is probably a long shot, as The Academy typically doesn’t recognize the superhero/comic book movie genre. Even Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight failed to pic up a Best Picture nod – though Heath Ledger was nominated for, and won, the Best Supporting Actor award posthumously. So who knows?

Tell us, would you like to see Deadpool get some love at the Oscars, or do you believe it’s not deserving of such high acclaim? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts!