Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Mobius In Deadpool 3

Loki mobius

After almost two full years of waiting, Deadpool finally made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the most Deadpool way possible, by teaming up with the Thor franchise’s Korg to offer a trailer breakdown for Free Guy, coincidentally produced by Disney subsidiary 20th Century Studios and starring ‘Canadian Cumberbatch’ Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, with support from Taika Waititi.

There’s been an almost relentless churn of rumors regarding the Merc with a Mouth’s hotly-anticipated third solo installment, but we haven’t gotten any official updates since the Molyneux sisters were hired to pen the script eight months ago. However, we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Abomination would be returning in She-Hulk long before Tim Roth’s comeback was announced – that Reynolds wants Owen Wilson’s Mobius involved in some capacity.

According to our intel, the star is reportedly a huge fan of both Wilson’s body of work and his sardonically scene stealing performance as the TVA analyst in Loki, so now we can all start dreaming about Deadpool and Mobius riding jet skis together and just having an all-round wonderful time.

The recently concluded Disney Plus series didn’t so much open the doors to the multiverse as blow them wide open, so there’s no reason why the Deadpool we meet in the MCU isn’t exactly the same one who headlined two Fox blockbusters, and the jokes pretty much write themselves about the fan favorite mutant discovering he’s crossed over into a completely different mythology under a brand new studio. He’d definitely play well off Mobius’ reserved comic stylings, so fingers crossed we’ll see Reynolds and Wilson unite at some stage sooner rather than later.