Ryan Reynolds Shares Fan Art Imagining A Free Guy/MCU Crossover

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has shown incredible legs at the box office, having dropped no lower than sixth on the domestic charts despite releasing nine weeks ago, and a strong showing in China has helped propel the video game-inspired blockbuster to a healthy global haul of $326 million and counting.

That’s an impressive return for a big budget blockbuster that played exclusively in theaters and wasn’t based on pre-existing property. Of course, Free Guy is laden with Easter Eggs and references to pop culture at large, including an internet-breaking cameo from Chris Evans as Reynolds’ hero conjures up Captain America’s shield during the climactic third act showdown.

Taking things one step further, digital artist Erathrim even imagined how Free City’s mild-mannered bank teller would fare if he were to pitch up in Marvel Studios’ multiverse, and you can check out the image that Reynolds shared on his Instagram Stories below.

Free Guy clearly benefited from Disney purchasing Fox by incorporating Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars Easter Eggs, and with the Mouse House actively chasing a sequel, let’s hope that the proposed second installment will avoid leaning too heavily into nostalgia, winks, nods and manifesting memberberries at the expense of originality.