Ryan Reynolds Shares His Favorite Heartwarming Free Guy Halloween Moment

Ryan Reynolds dedicated a tweet to a fan named Dylan Suiter after he decided to spread a little holiday joy. 

Suiter, dressed up as the main character from Free Guy, became an overnight sensation while trick-or-treating on Halloween after the 9-year-old refilled an empty candy bowl with some of his candy. 

In the video captured by homeowner Cara Evans’ surveillance camera, Suiter is seen approaching the bowl and slowly walking away before he ultimately places his candy in the container. 

Evans, who shared Suiter’s kind gesture to a Facebook page titled All Things Vandalia, disclosed to WHIOTV that she and her daughter was emotional when viewing the recording. 

She said while talking about Suiter, “He seemed excited to do it, it was really touching. I was in tears, and so was my daughter!”

The viral video didn’t take long to capture Reynold’s attention. The actor reposted the clip on his official Twitter page on Nov. 4 and wrote a special message to Suiter. He said, “Favorite #FreeGuy Halloween moment. Blue Shirt Guy casually being a legend.”

In addition to Reynold’s upload, Suiter’s mother, Sarah Suiter, thanked the Free Guy star and debunked several allegations, including that the trick or treater knew a camera was recording. 

She wrote, “Thanks for posting this so I don’t have to a million times when people ask where is he from. Dylan is my son and had no clue there was a camera or that all this would ever happen.”

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