Ryan Reynolds Already Shutting Down His New Streaming Service

Ryan Reynolds

Between Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and countless others, there’s no shortage of streaming services to subscribe to right now. Indeed, it seems every company is trying to get in on the craze and the latest player in the market is Mint Mobile +.

Never heard of it? We don’t blame you, as it was started by none other than Ryan Reynolds as a joke earlier this week. It only boasts one movie – his 2003 film Foolproof – and despite being nothing but a marketing stunt for Mint Mobile, it’s actually a fully functional platform. One visit to mintmobileplus.com reveals that it’s indeed a real website and is now offering up the aforementioned Foolproof for you to watch, free of charge.

However, not long after announcing its launch, Reynolds took to Twitter to reveal that he now plans to shut the streaming site down and by the end of this weekend, it’ll be gone. As of this writing, Mint Mobile + still appears to be operational, so the actor hasn’t pulled the plug just yet. But according to his Tweet below, it’s bound to happen soon.

Ryan Reynolds

Of course, even without Mint Mobile +, it’s not like fans will be starved for Ryan Reynolds content, as the Deadpool star currently has 10 projects in various stages of development. Next up for him is Free Guy, which lands in theaters on December 11th. That is, assuming the current COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t result in yet another delay.

For now, though, you can still catch Foolproof up on Mint Mobile +. It’s far from Ryan Reynolds‘ best film, but it’s a harmless watch that gives us a taste of what the actor was like in his early days, before hitting the Hollywood A-list. And considering that it’s streaming for free, there’s no reason not to at least flip it on and give it a chance.