Ryan Reynolds Says There Are Infinite Possibilities For Deadpool In The MCU


We know that Deadpool 3 is officially in the early stages of development under new ownership at Marvel Studios, but it will likely be a while yet before we see the Merc with a Mouth make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there’ve already been countless rumors about where the character could show up first, the studio will have their hands full with Phase Four and the upcoming roster of Disney Plus shows for the next couple of years, especially with all of the recent Coronavirus-related delays.

The franchise was already a multi-billion dollar property before the Disney/Fox takeover even went through, and that kind of earning potential certainly isn’t going to be left on the table by the House of Mouse, especially as they continue their unrelenting march to dominate the entire entertainment industry. The only real question is how someone as unique as Wade Wilson can be dropped into a shared universe that has an established mythology and set of rules that have been in place for over a decade.

In a recent interview, Ryan Reynolds was as vague as you would expect from someone who probably has Marvel Studios snipers outside his home in case he reveals too much, but he nonetheless teased the infinite possibilities that come from bringing Deadpool over to an entirely new world, whether he interacts with any other superheroes or not.

“If Deadpool were to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it would be explosive and amazing. What a sandbox to play in. If Deadpool continued to just do his own thing and be his own thing, also just infinite possibilities. I write it with two other guys, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who are geniuses and amazing in so many ways. We have so much fun. We just have the best time doing it together. There’s a lot more story to tell, so we hope we get to do that sooner rather than later.”

It seems as though the leading man, producer and co-writer on the franchise is keen to bring his creative team from Fox over to the MCU, something that might not be in Marvel’s current plans given how meticulously their output is planned in advance. But having steered the character through a decade of development hell, maybe Reynolds, Reese and Wernick should get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Deadpool 3.