Sam Mendes Is Developing Plot For Bond 24

Although Skyfall‘s Sam Mendes recently denied that he’d make himself available for Bond 24, the sneaky devil is still hanging around the franchise, apparently involving himself enough in the process to even be helping develop the story for the next outing. That’s according to Robert Wade, James Bond writer since 1999, who mentioned during a conversation regarding Bond 24 that “John Logan and Sam Mendes have come up with a plot for another one.”

We already know that John Logan, who writes all the screenplays in Hollywood, has signed a deal to pen the next two (and perhaps final) Daniel Craig ventures. There’s been a few hints as to what the story might entail, with some suggesting that this’ll be a two-parter. Just how involved Mendes might end up in the cogs of Bond 24 isn’t clear, though the fact that he’s working on the story at this very moment potentially suggests that he might be swayed to plant himself in the director’s chair once more. That certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing, given that Skyfall turned out to be one of the best Bond movies ever.

What do you think? Would Sam Mendes’ involvement be welcomed for another outing?

Source: The Film Stage

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