Sam Neill Continues To Hilariously Troll Jurassic Park Merchandise

Jurassic Park

At 73 years of age, Sam Neill is entitled to be more than a little curmudgeonly, but the Jurassic Park star has yet to venture into full-blown ‘old man yells at cloud territory’. Instead, he’s decided to mock his own line of merchandise based on Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic, which is probably still netting him a tidy sum in royalties to this day.

It was only a couple of days ago that Neill was aghast at the brand new Alan Grant action figures that came with detachable hands and heads, something that doesn’t paint a great picture of a theme park where dinosaurs have been created to power a tourist attraction in the hope that they won’t get hungry and eat the customers.

Of course, that’s obviously the opposite of what happened in the movie, and Neill has now turned his ire towards LEGO. That’s right, a new set from the legendary toy company has infuriated the Peaky Blinders alumni, and with good reason. As you can see from his reaction below, everyone has the tiny plastic version of themselves next to a real-life photo of the actor who played the role, except Neill, who gets placed next to a toilet.

Based on his current social media activity, it’ll be plenty entertaining when the Jurassic World: Dominion tie-ins start rolling out next year, giving Neill an entirely new line of merch to carefully examine and poke fun at. The self-deprecating New Zealander has revealed he’s sticking around for much more than a glorified cameo, so hopefully, his action figures and LEGO sets are reflective of his status as Jurassic Park royalty.