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Sam Neill doesn’t think modern audiences would embrace ‘Jurassic Park’ the same way

He could be very wrong, given that we're talking about an all-time classic.

jurassic park

When it comes to naming the best Hollywood blockbusters ever made, no list is complete without Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, which still holds up impeccably almost 30 years after coming roaring out of the blocks to go down in the history books as the single highest-grossing movie in history at the time.

It’s even more incredible to think that the largely seamless blend of animatronics and CGI holds up better after three decades than films released within the last couple of years, but Sam Neill thinks that one element of Jurassic Park might not be to the taste of every modern viewer, as he revealed to The Times.

“I have never seen action like this. An audience 30 years later wouldn’t find that pace acceptable. As a result this has action from the moment the lights go down. Though of course it has quiet moments.”

That’s a broad generalization to make, but Neill does have a point when he says 2022 crowds might not be willing to endure a slower-paced action spectacular. After all, we’ve been conditioned to expect bombardments of scope, scale, spectacle, visual effects, pyrotechnics, and all the rest, and there are plenty of big budget studio productions that forget to breathe.

Hopefully Jurassic World Dominion isn’t one of them, even if there’s surely no chance it’ll come close to holding a candle to its all-time great predecessor. We’d be happy if it did, though, especially with the original trio returning to team up and stave off extinction one more time.

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