Sam Raimi Wants To Make Up For Spider-Man 3 By Working With Marvel Studios


Sam Raimi made two spectacular Spider-Man movies and one very disappointing one. Why Spider-Man 3 went so horribly wrong is hard to say, though many have actually blamed it on the franchise’s producers as it was Avi Arad who forced the filmmaker to throw Venom into the mix, a villain Raimi has since admitted to having very little interest in.

Regardless, he’s now admitted in a recent interview that he “messed up on the third one,” and expressed a desire to get a second chance to return to the franchise in some way:

“I’m not really on top of it. I know they made two [Amazing Spider-Man] features, and obviously, I’ve seen those. I think they’re so complete now, Marvel. They probably don’t need me anymore. But if they needed me? I’d love to. It’s great to be wanted.”

Marvel has obviously hired Cop Car‘s Jon Watts to take the helm of their 2017 Spider-Man reboot, though it would be great if they’d consider having Raimi take the helm of another Phase 3 or Phase 4 release if a return to this particular franchise is off the cards. The “Sony Hack” emails last year revealed that Sony did at one point consider asking Raimi back to help fix The Amazing Spider-Man, so could they talk Marvel into considering this?

We’ll just have to wait and see, but here’s hoping! Raimi did some incredible things with Spider-Man back in the early 2000s, and seeing what else he could bring to the superhero genre with today’s effects would be downright awesome.