Samuel L. Jackson Joins Robocop Remake


As soon as he’s done with his duties on the set of Django Unchained, it appears as if Nick Fury himself has lined up another role in a high-profile project: MGM’s remake of Robocop. THR reports Samuel L. Jackson will play “charismatic TV mogul” Pat Novak, who is a “powerful force” in the Robocop universe.

Jackson joins Gary Oldman (who plays the scientist behind Robocop) and star Joel Kinnaman of AMC’s The Killing. Jackson and Oldman were most memorably seen together (however briefly) in 1993’s True Romance.

More roles need to be cast in the film including Alex J. Murphy’s (Kinnaman) love interest, his best friend and a right-wing news reporter. Rumored for these roles are Rebecca Hall, Gael Garcia Bernal and Sean Penn respectively, but Hall is unlikely now that she’s starring in Iron Man 3, which just began shooting.

Robocop is being directed by Jose Padilha and eyes an August 9, 2013 release.

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