Samuel L. Jackson To Return As Nick Fury In 3 More MCU Movies


Nick Fury‘s been with the MCU since right from the start, with Samuel L. Jackson’s surprise cameo at the end of 2008’s Iron Man teasing us that the film was just the start of something big. Even if he went absent for a few years in the middle there, it’s hard to imagine the franchise without the fan favorite character. And it seems that we won’t have to. At least, not for a while.

Following Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury has been placed in an interesting position in the MCU. If you’ve seen the film – and its excellent post-credits scene – you’ll know that Nick’s been in outer space on some sort of mission and while the specifics of it weren’t revealed, we’ll certainly find out what he’s been up to in Phase 4.

Yes, as you likely suspected, Fury will return in the next Phase of the franchise and not only will he return, but sources close to We Got This Covered say that Jackson has at least 3 more films lined up. Those would be Captain Marvel 2Spider-Man 3 and New Avengers.

Though we still don’t know much about that last one – and it hasn’t even been officially confirmed to be happening yet – the first two make a lot of sense. After all, Fury played a huge role in Captain Marvel and also had a big presence in Far From Home (even if it was just a Skrull impersonating him).

How exactly he’ll be involved in these films remains unclear for the time being, but as mentioned above, whatever he was up to in that post-credits scene will surely play a part in his next few appearances. In fact, some have speculated that he’s laying the foundation for S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department), “an organization, operating in space, meant to deal with alien threats to Earth.”

That may very well be the case, but we’ll have to wait until Marvel’s good and ready to reveal their Phase 4 plans before we know for sure what the future holds for Mr. Nick Fury. Fans can at least rest easy though knowing that he’s going to be around for a while longer.