Samuel L. Jackson Wanted For David Yates’ Tarzan, Again


After being shut down for a little while, David Yates’ Tarzan is up and running again. With Alexander Skarsgard set to play the titular role and Christoph Waltz stepping into the shoes of the villain, casting has now turned to the supporting players.

About a year ago, Samuel L. Jackson expressed interest in the role of a character named Williams, who is a “Civil War veteran eager to redeem himself for his part in the massacre of Native Americans.” At the time, the actor had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Since the film was delayed though, Jackson’s schedule has cleared up and he’s now eyeing the role once more.

If the actor signs on, then there will only be one role left to fill, and that would be of the female lead Jane. Currently, Margot Robbie, who audiences can catch in a few weeks in The Wolf Of Wall Street, is said to be the frontrunner, but no formal offer has been made.

As it stands, the cast for this one is coming together real well and though I’m not terribly excited about Skarsgard in the lead, Waltz and Jackson in supporting roles will no doubt add a lot to the film. Plus, Yates certainly knows his way around the action/adventure blockbuster world, having directed the strongest entries in the Harry Potter series. So all things considered, I think Tarzan sounds quite promising and I am excited to watch it further develop.

Tell us, who do you want to see play Jane in Yates’ upcoming adaptation of Tarzan? And are you happy to see that Jackson is interested in coming on board again? Let us know in the comments section below.