Samuel L. Jackson’s President Is Having A Blast In New Trailer For Big Game


This latest trailer for Samuel L. Jackson’s upcoming movie affirms what most of us already suspected; Big Game is a fun-time romp that doesn’t take itself seriously. After all, how can anyone with a shred of humor expect to believe that a United States President would able to fend off a pack of roving terrorists… in the cold, isolated wilderness of Finland?

That’s exactly the disbelief we should suspend, however, for Jalmari Helander’s latest actioner. As mentioned briefly above, Jackson plays the POTUS, who is forced to abandon Air Force One after it begins to descend into the Finnish woods. Naturally, he survives the crash and teams up with a 13-year old boy who helps him fight off the aforementioned baddies.

For such a big, brash actioner, it’s interesting to note that the movie received its worldwide debut at last year’s TIFF. Our own Jordan Adler caught it back in September, offering this conclusion in his review:

“Big Game works as absurdly enjoyable entertainment, which will elicit far more goofy grins than eye rolls. One could look at the adventure as a junk-food option to give one’s palate relief amidst a variety of serious festival entrees.”

Catch the trailer above and see if you agree with our assessment.

Co-starring Ray Stevenson, Victor Garber, Felicity Huffman, and Jim Broadbent, Big Game opens in theaters and VOD on June 26.

In the rugged countryside of Finland, a young thirteen-year-old (Onni Tommila) embarks on a traditional quest to prove himself by spending 24 hours alone in the wild, armed with only a bow and arrow. After witnessing a spectacular crash, he discovers the escape pod from Air Force One, containing the President of the United States (Samuel L. Jackson). When they realize a group of kidnappers is hot on their trail with the intention of taking the president, this unlikely duo must escape their hunters as they search for the American Special Forces team sent out to find them.