The Best Cosplay Of San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Simply by existing, San Diego Comic-Con makes an annual promise to outdo similar gatherings and keep the crown placed upon the head of only the very best of its kind. The convention has gained world renown for its internet-breaking reveals, unmatched programming, and lengthy celebrity guest list, but its appeal doesn’t stop there.

For many, the value lies in the celebration of donning cape and cloth and masquerading as their favorite characters amidst people of similar passions and partialities. Known as cosplaying, this practice promotes acceptance and self-expression in a way that’s entirely unique and incredibly impressive.

The time, effort, and skill stitched into these costumes denote a love for the popular arts that every attendee shares, albeit with varying intensities. Luckily, We Got This Covered was on-site this weekend to experience the love. As we wandered the show floor, we glimpsed fans dressed as the entire main cast of Harry Potter, the butter bot from Rick and Morty, a spectacular Iceman achieved with a chiseled frame and a staggering amount of powder and more.

To celebrate the event, we’ve put together a gallery of cosplaying photos that capture the energy and enthusiasm on full display at this year’s Comic-Con. Check it out up above and let us know what your favorite costume is!