Sandra Bullock explains challenges of starring in, producing own movies

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Actress Sandra Bullock’s self-produced The Lost City is enjoying critical and commercial success,and now the Oscar-winning entertainer has revealed what it feels like to star in and make one’s own product for the movie theater.

“You lose a lot of hair, you get gray fast, you don’t have any sleep, you’re constantly angry and stressed, but you have the right to say it needs to be better, you have the right to stop things, you have the right to find the money, you have the right to fight for people. The first film I ever really solely produced was Miss Congeniality and I shot that [in New York]. I started off on a good note. I love it, I love it, but I stopped for a while because I have two beautiful children that needed a parent. Once they got sick of me, I just said, all right, you’re coming with me and I’m gonna do this and ’cause I end up doing it anyway when I’m an actor, you just wanna give everything. So I get to do it and I feel really, really lucky about that.”

Bullock made the above comments to in an article published earlier today. In the piece, she revealed how Brad Pitt wound up in The Lost City for much more than a cameo, and costar Daniel Radcliffe praised Bullock for being someone who is good to work with both on screen as an actress, and on the business side as a producer.

“I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with her … she would literally be getting pulled out of the water for stunt sequences and get back onto the holding boat and be scheduling marketing meetings and stuff. A lot of actors take a vanity producer credit. This is not that. She made this movie.”

The movie has a 75 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.