Sandra Bullock Rumored To Be In Talks For Marvel Role

sandra bullock

Since winning an Academy Award for Best Actress in The Blind Side over a decade ago, Sandra Bullock has significantly scaled back her live-action output. The star has made just six onscreen appearances in the last twelve years, mostly in popular hits like Gravity, The Heat and Ocean’s 8, but she’s got at least three projects lined up and set for release in the next twelve months.

Netflix drama Unforgivable, star-studded action blockbuster Bullet Train and romantic action-comedy The Lost City of D will allow her to showcase the many sides to her acting arsenal, but a new rumor from Giant Freakin Robot claims that Bullock is also in talks for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What role, you may ask? That isn’t mentioned. How big of a part will it be? Not a clue. Is it for a feature film, Disney Plus series, or both? That information isn’t provided. How far along are these purported negotiations? Nobody seems to know. It’s all very vague, then, with absolutely no details to support the story other than word she’s allegedly “talking” to Marvel Studios.

Plenty of veteran A-listers have stopped by cinema’s biggest franchise for a cameo, supporting part or lead performance, so it’s not entirely out of the question, but the report is far too thin at the moment to even contemplate taking it at face value quite yet, as much as we’d love to see it happen.