Sandra Bullock’s gut-wrenching new drama is the new #1 movie on Netflix

Sandra Bullock the unforgivable

Sandra Bullock first shot to mainstream prominence with a pair of supporting roles in popular blockbusters Demolition Man and Speed in the early 1990s, and since then her career has been largely defined by box office success regardless of genre.

Whether we’re talking courtroom thriller A Time to Kill, romantic comedies Two Weeks Notice and The Proposal, the slapstick stylings of Miss Congeniality, buddy cop actioner The Heat, hard-hitting drama The Blind Side, blockbuster sci-fi Gravity or breezy heist caper Ocean’s 8, the Academy Award winner is a reliable draw for audiences.

However, her last two credits have seen her migrate to Netflix and deliver a pair of powerhouse performances, first in psychological horror Bird Box and now in gut-wrenching redemption story The Unforgivable. Bullock stars as a convicted murderer released from prison, who returns to her hometown to discover she’s definitely not wanted.

Reviews across the board have been mixed, but everyone seems to be in agreement that Bullock’s central turn is nothing short of incredible. Despite only premiering yesterday, The Unforgivable has already topped the platform’s most-watched list as per FlixPatrol, dislodging the Red Notice juggernaut in the process, and it’s set to remain at the summit for a good few days to come.