Saoirse Ronan To Star In The Host

Rising starlet Saoirse Ronan is set to take on the lead role in The Host, according to Deadline. She’s rumored to be part of Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit, although she told us it wasn’t happening, and she’s also being eyed for Joe Wright‘s Anna Karenina but while those two projects await her confirmation, we have The Host to look forward to. Twilight scribe Stephanie Meyer penned the novel that the film is based on.

The novel is set in the near future “where alien parasite “souls” benevolently take over the consciousness of humans. One such “soul,” named Wanderer, inhabits the body of a dying woman, Melanie Stryder, who just happens to be obsessed with finding the last group of surviving humans. And thus yet another forbidden love is born.”

Ronan will play both Wanderer and Melanie and Andrew Niccol is being eyed to direct. The film is expected to be at Cannes to look for buyers.