Sarah Paulson’s New Thriller Skipping Theaters, Going Straight To Streaming

Sarah Paulson

The immediate future of the theatrical industry is still shrouded in uncertainty, with the major studios continuing to pull their releases from the calendar on a regular basis as things show little sign of returning to normal anytime soon. Hollywood is bracing itself for a $20 billion shortfall this year, but in some cases, skipping theaters entirely could work to the benefit of smaller titles.

There are countless low budget projects that get lost in the shuffle as audiences flock to see the latest effects-heavy blockbusters, and as a result, some of the best movies of the year end up flying under the radar. One recent example is Palm Springs, which set sales records on Hulu even though there’s every chance the acclaimed comedy could have sank without a trace at the box office had it scored a theatrical release after all four of The Lonely Island’s previous features ended up bombing.


Hoping that they’ll be able to find similar success in a different genre, Hulu have now picked up the new thriller from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, which was originally scheduled to hit cinemas in May. Run stars American Horror Story‘s Sarah Paulson as an overprotective mother with a dark secret, and while the streaming service hasn’t announced a release date yet, the impressive trailer promises some hugely effective thrills along with two strong central performances.

Searching already proved that Chaganty more than knows his way around putting a fresh spin on the familiar tropes of the thriller genre, and Sarah Paulson is great in just about everything she appears in, meaning that Run could become another breakout success for Hulu whenever it becomes available for customers to watch.