Saw: Legacy To Start Shooting Later This Year?


Does the world really need to delve back into the world of Saw? The once-brilliant horror franchise quickly fell victim to its own hype, with each successive movie becoming a weak copy of everything that came before. Now, the powers that be have decided that The Final Chapter was merely a suggestive title, as we’re getting another sequel: Saw: Legacy.

Word arrived earlier this year that the film had entered development, with Pirahna scribes Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger bashing out a script. Stolberg’s set to direct as well, and we’ve now got news on when he may take to the director’s chair. According to a report out of Bloody Disgusting, cameras are looking to roll later this year.

The site came across a production report on a Canadian filming site that lists shooting dates for upcoming movies, and it looks as if Saw: Legacy is scheduled to film from late September to late October.

While these types of notices can be easily forged, we’re inclined to think this one might be the real deal. As mentioned above, the movie was announced earlier this year, and if the script’s been buffed into shape – why not enter production? Remember, the first few movies had relatively small budgets. So, if this new reboot is an attempt to hark back to that successful formula, maybe raising hundreds of millions of dollars isn’t an issue.

If that is the case, it means Saw: Legacy begins filming in just over two months time. So expect to hear about casting in the coming weeks.