Scalpers are selling ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ tickets for absurd amounts of money

Tickets for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home went on sale this morning, and fans are crashing websites and clocking out for breaks at work to try to secure theirs. The movie is big for Tom Holland as Peter Parker as worlds are colliding and everything is on the line.

So it’s not shocking that some fans would be willing to do almost anything to see the film as early as possible. However, what is surprising is the amount of money some scalpers are selling tickets for the film. When we say shocking, we mean it. Some fans are listing tickets for prices that you usually see for gaming systems or, as some fans have noted, a pair of sneakers.

Brandon Davis shared this Tweet that shows an eBay listing for a Spider-Man: No Way Home ticket on sale for a mere $25,000. No, that isn’t a typo, and yes, they seem to be quite serious.

While some fans can still log into a local theater and grab a ticket or two — although we recommend grabbing them for those opening night showings as soon as possible — some theaters in larger markets will undeniably sell out quickly.

Fans discovered the listing on social media, and between memes and shocked reactions, they’re having a field day with it. Some fans also shared other listings for the tickets, and while they’re not going for 25,000 — they’re listed way over the normal asking price.

Here’s what Spidey fans are saying on Twitter.

Several fans used Spider-Man memes to react to that eBay listing.

Some fans had questions about ticket prices in the U.S. and hoped that 25,000 wasn’t an average going price to see a movie. Several fans chimed in with local ticket pricing and showcased the fact that movie theater snacks are always going to be pricey.

Some wondered if the price was listed in error, but as this fan noted; people are willing to pay it when they’re desperate to see the movie; either to see it first or to avoid spoilers.

This Marvel fan used the moment to wonder if Thanos might have been right about that whole — snapping half the population thing away after all.

Did you get your tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home yet? Would you be willing to pay for resale seats, and if so, what would be your top dollar? Let’s talk about it.