Scanners Film To Become A TV Series

Looks like David Cronenberg‘s bizarre cult classic Scanners is going to be developed into a TV series. According to Deadline, the ’80s sci-fi horror is going to be made into a drama series for the small screen thanks to Dimension Films.

The series will be an adaptation of not just the original Scanners, but its sequels as well. The story revolves around a disparate group of people who have telepathic and telekinetic powers. They are fighting for world domination, using their powers to control minds or inflict pain and death on their victims.

Alexandre Aja, the writer/director of The Hills Have Eyes remake, will executive produce the series and potentially direct the first episode. Sounds like this series might be reminiscent of AMC’s The Walking Dead series, both with the serialization of a horror-themed story and the involvement of experienced and talented directors/writers.

Dimension Films wasn’t behind the original Scanners or the sequels, but acquired the rights to the film franchise a few years ago. Originally they planned on remaking Scanners as a feature film, and that wouldn’t have been a new concept in today’s atmosphere of remakes and reboots. But going the small screen route might be the right choice, given The Walking Deads success and a general resurgence of genre TV series.

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