Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Asked For $100 Million Black Widow Payout

Black Widow

The Scarlett Johansson lawsuit continues to boil on the back burner of the cultural conversation, with recent reports claiming the actress expected to earn at least $70 million from Black Widow, if it had been released as a theatrical exclusive without the pandemic’s impact.

She made $20 million up front, and Disney’s legal team is using it to criticize her decision to take action; the other $50 million would be accrued by performance-related bonuses and profit participation, based on a succession of box office milestones.

Allegedly, Johansson thought Black Widow would hit the billion-dollar threshold. However, was somewhat optimistic since the only Marvel movies to hit that mark (that didn’t feature Tony Stark) are Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The latest speculation from That Hashtag Show posits that the two-time Academy Award nominee wanted $100 million when she renegotiated her Black Widow deal with her corporate overlords at the Mouse House, a figure her team came to by estimating that the prequel would have earned $1.2 billion from theaters under normal circumstances (which is less than 10%, so it wasn’t all that unreasonable on paper).

Again, optimistic, but it was a starting figure, and one that Disney could have counter-negotiated. Right now, the situation hasn’t been resolved, but most likely will result is an out-of-court payout to keep things out of headlines.