Almost Every Scene In Avengers: Infinity War Will Be Epic


It seemed like the time would never come, but the granddaddy of all Marvel events is happening next year. Yes, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will finally take on the Mad Titan, Thanos, in Avengers: Infinity War. In what’s shaping up to be Marvel’s most expensive production to date and one that features over 60 characters, this film looks set to be every comic book fan’s dream come to life. Heck, it might even end up being every movie fan’s dream in the flesh.

Acting as the culmination of just about everything that we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, not only will it be an absolutely massive motion picture, but it’s probably also the most important film that the studio’s ever made and an event movie unlike any other. That’s a point which has been driven home quite a bit already and now, Sebastian Stan has added even more fuel to the hype train.

Appearing at the Rhode Island Comic Con over the weekend, he was asked how he’d sum up Avengers: Infinity War and simply said “epic. Almost every scene is epic.” He also noted that unlike other Marvel films, this one doesn’t bother with any build-up and instead just goes all out right from the start.

While the actor was careful not to reveal anything more here, there’s certainly no harm in adding a little bit of hype into the proceedings. We have no reason to doubt him, either, as there’s every reason to believe that Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming blockbusters will be unlike anything that’s come before. I mean, just by their very nature they have to be, as a crossover on this scale has never been attempted – and probably never will again. At least, not by Marvel.

Said to be packed to the rafters with scene-stealing chemistry and “intense surprises,” Avengers: Infinity War is now less than a year away, while the fourth, so-far untitled Avengers film will follow it in May of 2019, by which point viewers will be acquainted with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and her ’90s-set origin story. March 8th, 2019 is the date for your diaries for that one.

Source: AIPT!