Ending Scene Of Captain Phillips Proves Why Tom Hanks Should Have Been Nominated For An Oscar


Not only will Tom Hanks be going home without an Academy Award this Sunday night, but he also failed to earn a nomination. How he managed to get overlooked for his breathtaking performance in Paul Greengrass’ masterful Captain Phillips I’ll never know, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that he wasn’t even recognized.

To hammer home that fact just a little more, the film’s ending has appeared online today to remind us just how powerful Hanks’ performance was. Of course, it contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Captain Phillips yet you might want to hold off on watching clip, and reading the rest of this article.

The scene I’m referring to takes place after an intense, two hour hostage situation that involves Hanks’ Captain Richard Phillips on a lifeboat with Somali pirates. Eventually, Phillips is rescued by Navy SEALS and taken into a medical station aboard their ship. It’s here where the scene begins and we watch as the events of the last two hours finally hit our hero. As he takes it all in, he begins to break down crying and asks about his family, making sure that they know that he’s alright. It’s completely heart-wrenching, and hands down one of the most powerful scenes of any film that came out in 2013.

Even if you’ve already seen Captain Phillips, this scene is definitely worth watching again. It nearly moved me to tears the first time I saw it and I am still completely shocked that the Academy didn’t recognize Hanks for his tremendous work here.

Check out the ending scene of Captain Phillips below and let us know if Hanks deserved an Oscar for his performance.

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