Scorpion And Sub-Zero Face Off In New Mortal Kombat Poster

Mortal Kombat

The uninitiated might not be instantly converted by the first Mortal Kombat trailer, but for longtime fans of the video game series, the reboot looks to deliver exactly what they’re hoping for. There are plenty of action shots, no shortage of gore, several impressive action sequences and, of course, blood-soaked fatalities.

Joe Taslim’s Sub-Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada’s Scorpion are arguably the stars of the show, with both Mortal Kombat stalwarts getting plenty of time to shine in the footage. Casual audiences might not be as enraptured as those much more familiar with the source material, but Simon McQuoid’s feature debut definitely looks as though it’s going to appeal to fans of the action, fantasy and martial arts genres all at once.

The buildup to today’s trailer debut was accompanied by a string of character posters, and shortly after the first promo made its way online, a new one-sheet was unveiled that puts Sub-Zero and Scorpion front and center, which you can check out below.

It makes sense to use two of the most well known and popular characters from the expansive Mortal Kombat mythology as the dual focal points of both the trailer and overall marketing campaign, with actors Taslim and Sanada also boasting a wealth of experience when it comes to cinematic badassery.

The hype train has officially pulled out from the station, and in less than two months, the latest reinvention for the property will punch, stab and garrote its way into theaters and onto HBO Max. If Mortal Kombat can live up to the undoubted promise of the trailer, then it’s going to go down a storm with fans, and if it performs well enough in terms of box office takings and streaming numbers, Warner Bros. could even have a franchise on their hands.