Scott Adkins May Have Already Auditioned For Batman In Batman Vs. Superman


Until Batman is officially cast, we can look forward to a new rumor a day regarding who is in contention to play the Dark Knight in Batman Vs. SupermanWe here at We Got This Covered don’t like to disappoint, so for all you fans anxiously awaiting the next name to add to the ever-growing list of potential Bruce Waynes, we’ve got another interesting pick today. The official Twitter account for Scott Adkins recently posted that the English actor and martial artist has already auditioned for Batman.

The Tweet has since been removed, so we’re unable to post it here for you, but it was snagged by the folks over at before it was taken down.

Check out the text from that Tweet below.

“Some BIG news fans!! Warner Brothers have approached Scott Adkins to audition to be the new BATMAN & he has…”

Now the Tweet being removed could be because Warner didn’t authorize Adkins to post that information, or it could be a simple case of whoever runs the account getting confused and posting incorrect information, but either way it makes for an intriguing possibility to think about.

Adkins, best known for his work in films such as The Bourne Ultimatum, The Expendables 2, and the Undisputed franchise, is infamous among comic book fans for the horrible portrayal of Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that he was mercilessly sucked into. Setting that catastrophe aside, Adkins is a great martial artist, and if you want to see just how good of a fighter he can be, Undisputed 3 is your best bet.

This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s rumor that Orlando Bloom is the frontrunner for the role. Considering the reception that pick has gotten so far, I’ll say that people won’t be quite as upset about Adkins, but he still isn’t one of my top choices. While Adkins would certainly be competent in the fight scenes, and probably be the most realistic Batman yet in that sense, I just can’t see him doing exceptionally well as Bruce Wayne.

If this was just for Batman Vs. Superman then yes, he’s a great choice, but all indications are that Warner wants Batman spin-off films as well, and I’m just not so sure about Adkins taking on one of those. That being said, I’ve been wrong before, and sometimes lesser-known actors are great choices to play iconic roles, so if cast, there’s a chance Adkins could absolutely kill it and almost make everyone forget about Christian Bale and Michael Keaton.

Who knows? Maybe if they make Adkins Batman, the final scene of Batman Vs. Superman can have him without a mouth, using Superman’s heat vision to mow down everything in his path. Too soon?