Scott Eastwood Tapped To Headline Sci-Fi Flick Ecstasia


Scott Eastwood’s stock is on the up and up.

Hot off roles in The Longest Ride and Suicide Squad, the actor has inked deals to star in Oscar-tipped biopic Snowden, Fast 8 and Ben Affleck’s long-awaited period thriller Live By Night. As if that wasn’t enough, The Hollywood Reporter brings word today that Eastwood is ready to switch from supporting player to headliner for Ecstasia, a dystopian sci-fi thriller in the works from director Wayne Kramer.

He’ll join Matilda Lutz (The Rings) in a world “where love no longer exists during their final days together before their love expires.” Kramer will direct from his own screenplay, and already Ecstasia is evoking memories of tech-noir thriller Equilibrium and even The Lobster, though we understand the Running Scared filmmaker is gunning for more of a thriller vibe than, say, hapless singletons.

Production on Ecstasia is due to kick off in South Africa in the spring of 2017, with Ingenious, Film Afrika and Red Sea Media primed to parade the project in front of buyers at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival. Following up on Suicide Squad, Scott Eastwood can next be seen rubbing shoulders with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley in Oliver Stone’s Snowden.

Source: THR