Scott Lang Featured In Captain America: Civil War Behind The Scenes Stills

Marvel has already released an excerpt from a Captain America: Civil War featurette included in their recently release Phase 2 box set, but now some new screengrabs have surfaced which offer up a first look at Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang in the movie. We’ve known since Ant-Man was released that the character would appear here, but it’s still amusing to see him hanging out with Captain America in his civvies.

If nothing else, these photos further emphasize just how unimportant the concept of secret identities will be in Captain America: Civil War, and it’s the fact that they don’t really exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has led to the focus of the Sokovia Accords being on the government wanting superheroes to fall under the control of a special UN committee.


That committe will be led by US Secretary of State General Ross (William Hurt), who can also be seen in the gallery above having what looks like a very tense confrontation with Tony Stark. While they’ll likely be working together in Captain America: Civil War, that doesn’t mean they get along, something which was apparent in The Incredible Hulk‘s mid-credits scene way back in 2008.

Still, this new look at the movie is definitely intriguing, and we’ll hopefully start seeing more and more promotional material from Civil War in the new year.