Scrapped Terminator 5 Concept Had Original Cast In Alternate Timeline

Following on from last month’s update on the status of Terminator 5 – a source over at Moviehole revealed details of the ditched concept which is one of “numerous reasons” for the sequel’s extended hiatus.

According to the source, one of the concepts being considered would reunite the original cast from The Terminator and see an alternate timeline explored wherein Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor would have survived.  This concept has room to bring back original cast members Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn as they could easily portray Kyle and Sarah 30 years later as older, crinklier survivors.

Justin Lin, director of Fast & Furious, was in the pipeline to direct and Arnold Schwarzenegger had expressed interest providing he had script approval. The source at Moviehole went on to say:

“Arn never really committed to one anyway. All those projects he’s apparently doing – Twins, Commando, Terminator – aren’t real yet; not while he has script approval. He wants a T5 that’s script is a lot better than ROTM. Isn’t one yet. Reason Lin’s not currently on it.”

Megan Ellison over at Annapurna Films recently acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise in a bidding war for a vast quantity of cash. However, all parties attached (Ellison, Schwarzenegger and Lin) are committed to other projects for the foreseeable future, leaving Terminator 5 in limbo.

What do you think of the alternate timeline notion for Terminator 5? Brilliant, or ridiculous? Have your say in the comments below.