Scream 2022’s Ghostface identity betting odds revealed by Las Vegas Casino

Image via Radio Silence Productions

Scream 2022, known as Scream 5 or simply Scream, is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on January 14th 2022 and continues the thrilling saga of the Woodsboro Murders.

Continuing the theme from its predecessors, Scream will feature the elusive Ghostface killer and a friend-turned-foe underneath the mask for Sidney Prescott. With less than a month left before Scream makes its long-awaited appearance in global theaters, eager audiences have begun to compare their predictions as to the identity of Ghostface.

This morning, BetMGM posted a tweet containing their betting odds for who — out of the Scream 5 cast — would be the culprit behind the oncoming Ghostface slaughter spree.

Tweet via @BetMGM

As above, the odds are fairly straightforward — with Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott being the clear standout. It makes for a fascinating notion that the main heroine might have finally snapped after enduring four feature-length film worth of torment at the hands of various Ghostface copycat killers.

In second place, Kyle Gallner’s newcomer character, Vince Schneider, who seems to be a prospective killer in the making. Not much is known about Gallner’s role, but the introduction of a fresh face certainly raises some suspicion.

Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers and David Arquette’s Dwight “Dewey” Riley are the third and fourth most likely candidates, especially since Cox and Arquette have been long-time front runners alongside Campbell since the original Scream in 1996.

After that, the bets outline that Judy could return, following the conclusion of Scream 4, but another revenge plot seems unnecessary. Progressing down the list, the odds decrease for Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter, Jenna Ortega’s Tara Carpenter, Mason Goodings’ Chad, Jasmin Savoy Browns’ Mindy, Jack Quaid’s Richie, Dylan Minnette’s Wes Hicks, Mikey Madison’s Amber and Sonia Ben Ammar’s Liv.

All will be revealed when Scream releases worldwide in January 2022.