‘Scream 6’ BTS pic may reveal the horror sequel’s working title

Ghostface in 'Scream'
Image via Paramount/Spyglass

Following the smash-hit relaunch that was this January’s Scream reboot, Ghostface will make a speedy return to our screens in an as-yet untitled sequel coming next spring. For the sake of simplicity, fans have been referring to this upcoming movie as Scream 6, although it’s unlikely this is the title the studio will go with seeing as they decided to ditch the 5 digit on the last one. But a new behind-the-scenes image may give us a big clue as to what the next film will be called.

Actor Thomas Cadrot took to Instagram over the weekend to confirm his involvement in the production by sharing a snap of a clapperboard straight from the set. Interestingly, Cadrot may have realized he’d revealed more than he was supposed to as he quickly took down the post. But the damage was done as the image has been spreading around the Scream fandom as folks ponder the logo on the clapperboard, which appears to confirm the true title of Scream 6.

As you can see via the Reddit repost above, the movie’s working logo is the Scream title followed by two exclamation marks made to look like blood splatters. Taken literally this means the movie’s called Scream !!, except it’s more likely that the film is going by the name Scream II. This would be a decent choice of title as it follows the reset numbering of the series but at least it’s not just Scream 2, so fans will be able to differentiate between the 1997 sequel and the 2023 one.

There’s also a conspiracy theory going around, however, that this is just a cover title and it will actually go by Scream 6 after all as some claim that they see the number six hidden in between the two exclamation marks (you’re on your own trying to work that one out). Still, by the looks of things, we should probably start calling it Scream II.

Scream 6/Scream II slashes into cinemas on March 31, 2023.