Scream Star Matthew Lillard Doesn’t Think His Character Is Really Dead


Scream 5 is bringing back all three of the franchise’s main leads, with David Arquette, Courteney Cox and, at long last, Neve Campbell having signed on to return as Dewey, Gale and Sidney in the upcoming relaunch of the meta-horror series. One more star from the original Scream, however, is also interested in returning for the new film. And they’ve really put some thought into it.

Matthew Lillard appeared as Stu Macher in the 1996 flick, who – spoilers – is revealed to be one of the first Ghostface killers alongside Billy Loomis. Sidney manages to kill Stu by dropping a TV on his head, but Lillard isn’t so sure this was enough to finish off the crazed murderer.

Following the news that Campbell had joined Scream 5, the actor teased that he wants in on the project, too. Taking to Twitter, he shared the following:

Ok, so let’s get this out the way. It was obviously the intention in the original film that Sid had succeeded in killing Stu. However, the Scream series is no stranger to retconning itself for shock value. And bringing Lillard back for Scream 5 would be a neat way of linking back to where it all started.

But sadly, the actor is no doubt just having some fun on social media, because if there was any chance that he was about to be resurrected in the movie, he’d probably keep it under his hat. There is another character thought dead who could return, though. Everyone – including David Arquette – wants Hayden Panettiere back as Kirby from Scream 4after she was killed off-screen. To date, however, we’ve yet to hear that she’s involved. But maybe that’ll change soon?