‘Scream VI’ could deliver another epic Ghostface twist if this returning character is the killer

Ghostface in 'Scream VI'
Image via Paramount Pictures

The ever-present excitement for Scream VI continues to heat up just in time for the sequel’s big release, as passionate fans begin to draw up possibilities as to which character will don the iconic black-and-white ensemble this time around. And while a slew of familiar faces has been carefully pinpointed by fans before being revealed as the killer(s), a recent discussion in the fandom has enhanced the opportunity for a jaw-dropping Ghostface twist in the franchise’s newest chapter.

In Scream (2022), franchise stans (well, some of you at least) were flabbergasted to learn that Richie and Amber were the two characters portraying Ghostface, while on a vicious warpath to murder all of their friends. The decision was ultimately opinion-splitting, with some fans convinced that the killers were obvious, with others deeming the big reveal as unexpected.

Flash forward a year later, and a recent Reddit thread over on the r/horror platform has fans speculating as to which character could be behind the mask in Scream VI — with fan-favorite Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) surprisingly tossed in as a suspect. The argument is convincing, too, seeing as Mindy has deep connections to both the Woodsboro murders and Ghostface through her uncle Randy. Add in Savoy Brown’s top-notch “detachment” ability and acting prowess, and we just might have figured out our Ghostface killer ahead of time.

This is all merely speculation at this point, but with a variety of possible perpetrators, it makes sense as to why fans are beginning to suspect characters from inside of the main circle of friends — especially considering Richie and Amber’s betrayal in the last film.

Find out who the real killer is when Scream VI slashers into theaters on March 10.