‘Scream VI’ fans debate if new trailer is really as spoilery as it seems

Ghostface in 'Scream VI'
Image via Paramount Pictures

Today, audiences got a look at New York and New Rules in the trailer for Scream 6. The clip appears to show a character death in a very public place, includes a number of tributes to other franchises and, while seemingly spoiler-ish, some are not so certain.

A post on the official Reddit section for the series currently has more than 80 comments about whether Mindy Meeks-Martin, played by Jasmin Savoy Brown, is really going to die on the New York City subway system as the footage implies. Some say yes, and for one who has actually used the service multiple times, it is possible to get separated when a car is filled to the very brim.

At another point in the debate, someone else thinks the footage contains two different scenes. Those who oversee the franchise now have said in the past they assemble trailers to be misleading, so, it could be the case again here and, in their view, the key will be if Mindy ends up on the train alone. In this instance, fans should say their goodbyes, and expect her to go see her uncle Randy.

Other commenters on the post say they are going to live in denial as they are not ready for her to die, while others speculate it is a random resident of the city pulling a prank, and one commenter says the group is as bad as those in films the series belittles for going out on Oct. 31 in the first place.

Whatever the case, audiences will find out more on March 10, 2023. In this one, Sam and Tara Carpenter, as well as Mindy and her brother Chad, opt to leave Woodsboro behind for the big city only to be a part of a new string of murders from a Ghostface killer. Series star Neve Campbell will not be present after salary disputes, though Roger L. Jackson and Courtney Cox are returning.