Sean Young Unlikely To Return As Rachael For Blade Runner 2


Over the past few years, Sean Young has been vocal about her potential role in Blade Runner 2 – heck, the actress even went so far as to say that she should’ve took the place of Charlize Theron in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. How and ever, it appeared as though Young was right with her original predictions as it seems as though Scott has no plans to feature her in the upcoming sequel.

During an extensive interview The Guardian, the actress spoke in-depth about the 1982 sci-fi classic, her experiences as a woman in the film industry, and how it’s unlikely that she will ever reprise her role as the replicant (?) Rachael.

“I saw Ridley a month ago, and not a peep was uttered from his mouth about it, and so I left it alone.”

As such, it seems safe to assume that Blade Runner 2 will explore new replicants or, on the other hand, the greater Los Angeles dystopia. One thing is for sure, though, is that Ridley Scott won’t return to direct the sci-fi sequel, with all signs pointing to Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) nabbing the coveted place at the helm, though neither Scott or the studio has issued anything official. In addition, Harrison Ford will return as Deckard.

Now that almost thirty years have lapsed since the release of the original, it will be fascinating to see how the sequel fares in the modern climate. Will it be lambasted upon release only to carve out cult status thanks to repeat viewings and a director’s cut? Time will tell. We’ll keep you updated with all the information pertaining to Blade Runner 2 as it appears.

For now, tell us, are you disappointed that Sean Young won’t be returning for this new cerebral adventure?