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Sebastian Stan says he and Anthony Mackie are on a break

Sebastian Stan claims his MCU co-star Anthony Mackie hasn't replied to any of his texts since November last year.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie currently have one of the TV’s hottest bromances thanks to their palpable chemistry in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, though I think it’d be fair to suggest that many folks wish for them to become more than just bros. In a recent interview to promote his new Hulu film Fresh, Stan has leaned into that narrative by saying that he and Mackie are “taking a break.”

When asked if Stan isn’t feeling “unfaithful” for appearing in interviews without his small-screen counterpart Mackie, here’s what the Winter Soldier had to say.

Oh, no… Anthony, first of all, hasn’t returned a text of mine since November of 2021. We’re taking a break. I sent him a picture of my Christmas tree and I got nothing in return. So…

The interviewer further bludgeoned the actor into making Anthony “feel bad” by praising his rise as the next Captain America, which he proudly obliged:

“You have to understand. I love him. That’s the real problem. Like, I love him. I actually miss him,”

Stan said, then turned to his Fresh co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones:

“You have to work with him one time, cause it’s, he’s like the best guy to always remind you of just how fleeting everything is and how fun it should be, also, while it has to be all these other things, we’re lucky to be able to do this.”

Given Stan’s peculiar sense of humor, there probably isn’t too much to this stated break. And besides, the two will inevitably team up again when they return as fellow Avengers for their next shared MCU outing.

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