New Set Photos And Poster For Dune Reboot Leak Online


After directing the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 which served as a sequel to the original 1982 film, Denis Villeneuve’s newest venture into the world of sci-fi will see the revival of Dune on the big screen.

Despite being one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2020, the radio silence around Villeneuve’s new pic has been rather intriguing, if not concerning. Even now, reported or leaked tidbits of information are not enough to paint a veritable picture of what we should expect from this new adaptation. For instance, we know the film will take advantage of an all-star cast and that it will stay true to the book, depicting the brutality and wickedness of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel in all its vulgarity and viciousness. But what is the target audience? And how will Villeneuve’s own style play into adapting the source material?

These are some of the things that fans are wondering about, but until we get closer to the November release date, all we can do is theorize and speculate. Fortunately, though, for those who are currently thirsty for more and can’t possibly wait for another few months, new set photos and a possible teaser for the movie’s poster that have found their way online will be a welcome surprise.

As seen above, these set images appear to be taken in Wadi Rum, Jordan, which has served as an important location for filming. However, the most interesting thing about these photos is what seems to be the bottom of a promotional poster.

This could have several implications, but the most likely scenario? Warner Bros. is almost ready to initiate a marketing campaign for the film. It makes sense, too, as a previous report suggested that Villeneuve is already developing a sequel, meaning that the work on the first movie must be close to finished.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see if the acclaimed filmmaker can stick the landing with this Dune, unlike David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation which was a commercial and critical flop.

Source: MovieWeb