The Batman Set Photos May Reveal First Look At Catwoman


The Batman unleashed a slew of set photos showing off the Batsuit in action today, but some savvy fans have noticed another DC character possibly in the mix.

The hype for the new Dark Knight has reached the stratosphere as leaks from the production continue to spill out all over the internet. The reveal of the Batsuit really got fans excited, and then today, new photos from the ongoing shoot in London were dropped online. Some took a closer look at them though and believe that Catwoman is also on set. Or at least, Zoe Kravtiz’s stunt double.

See for yourself below:

There’s no confirmation on whether or not that’s the famous Gotham cat burglar, but it could very well be her. After all, we do know from her history that she definitely knows how to ride a bike. There was even a video post online showing Batman in a motorcycle race, and if this turns out to be her, Selina Kyle could very well be the one racing him.

Kravitz is the third actress to play the character (the Selina Kyle version, at least) in a major motion picture following Anne Hathaway’s dominating performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and Michelle Pfeiffer making the comic book icon a household name in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Selina’s big screen legacy is no joke, then, and those kitten heels are some big shoes to fill, but Kravitz has proven several times over that she can take on any role.

So, it’s safe to say that Catwoman’s in good hands in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And with production in full swing now, we imagine it’s only a matter of time before we get an official look at the character. Watch this space for more.