The Batman Set Photos Reveal First Look At The Batcycle


While it may have divided opinions among the fanbase, it was a smart move nonetheless from director Matt Reeves to release the first official look at Robert Pattinson in costume for The Batman last week. With movies of this kind of size and scale, there are always going to be set photos hitting the internet on a virtually daily basis, and Reeves revealing the iconic suit via camera test prevents the first glimpse of Pattinson under the cape and cowl being spoiled by grainy pictures taken from a distance on somebody’s phone.

That being said, set photos are virtually impossible to prevent, and despite only having started shooting in the last couple of weeks, we’ve already seen a few low-quality images from the production. Something as high-profile as The Batman is always going to be followed closely by both fans and curious spectators, and now it looks as though we may have caught our first glimpse of Bruce Wayne’s Batcycle.

The Batman is currently filming in Glasgow, and photos have made their way online today that show some sleek black motorcycles and a stunt rig, and given the lo-fi aesthetic of the costume seen in the camera test, it stands to reason that the Dark Knight hasn’t quite fully kitted out his ride yet, especially with the story picking up during his sophomore year as Gotham’s resident vigilante. See for yourself down in the gallery below.

The Glasgow Necropolis is a Victorian-era cemetery in the heart of the city, so the scene being shot may even involve Bruce visiting the graves of his parents. Obviously, plot details are still being kept tightly under wraps, but with filming in full swing, there will no doubt be some eagle-eyed sleuths out there putting the pieces together as The Batman begins to take shape. Watch this space for more.