The Batman Fans Think Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Looks Like Adam West’s Version


Yesterday, The Batman director Matt Reeves gave us what we’ve all been waiting for – our first look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit. He’s still holding off on delivering a clear glimpse at the costume, but he did share a moody, red-tinted camera test which highlighted various aspects of the outfit, from the stitched, homemade leather cowl to the curious bat-symbol, which appears to be fashioned from pieces of a gun (the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents?).

As with everything to do with Batman though, fans are split down the middle over their opinions on the suit. Still, no matter what side of the divide they’re on, many folks are pointing out that there’s a strong Adam West vibe going on with Pattinson’s Batman. Sure, there’s definitely the gritty touch lifted from contemporary comics or the Arkham games, but the cowl seems to be a deliberate homage to the late 60s icon.

As’s Brandon Davis put it:

You’re not seeing things…

It’s the eyebrows, isn’t it?

It’s like a blend of various elements from Batman history.

Now, this is a good point. Will Colin Farrell’s Penguin have a bright pink top hat? Will Paul Dano’s Riddler be wearing a skintight green bodysuit? OK, probably not.

Obviously, for some, the West similarities are a negative thing and reminds them why they miss Batfleck.

For others, Reeves has managed to pull of a tip of the cowl to the campiest Batman of them all without making Pattinson look campy in the process.

New intel is pointing to The Batman being set during Bruce’s second year as Batman, so while this is an early form of the outfit, it’s still a proper Batsuit. The only thing we really need to see now about the costume is the ears on the cowl. Going by the West-isms displayed elsewhere though, it’s likely they’ll be of the smaller variety.

The Batman is now shooting in the United Kingdom and is out in cinemas in June 2021.