New Set Photos Of Ray Winstone As The Baddie in Aronofsky’s Noah

Last week we got a look at the ark that Darren Aronofsky felt it necessary to build for his new film Noah. Now we’ve got set photos of the big bad villain, played here by Ray Winstone.

When I first saw this on /Film, I was under the impression that Ray Winstone had been cast as the flood and wondered how the hell they were going to pull that one off. Luckily, Aronofsky will not be personifying God’s vengeance quite like that. New set photos show Winstone as Tubal-cain, a smith descended from the biblical Cain – the guy who killed his brother, remember? – who defies Crowe’s ark-building man of God.

In the photos, Winstone looks to me like a reject from the latest Hobbit movie, but that might just be because these are set photos and not production stills. Aronofsky reportedly wanted someone large and mean-looking to be able to face off against Crowe. Ray Winstone is most certainly that man. He even beat out Live Schriber and Val Kilmer for the part.

Winstone is just one of a crazy-cool cast that includes Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Emma Watson.

Aronofsky is admittedly not being totally Biblical on this one. The story is supposed to be set in a “violent, freaky, scary world” (unlike the Old Testament, which is all gumdrops and fuzzy kittens). And Mr. Noah? He’s a Mad-Max­-style protagonist. Which might explain why Ray Winstone looks a bit like a biker as well as a dwarf.

Of course we should not judge in advance of the facts. This is Aronofsky, and he rarely disappoints.

The flood comes March 28, 2014.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think of Ray Winstone‘s nasty baddie.